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Dr. rer. nat. Peter Jung

I am a PostDoc working in communication theory, signal processing, information theory and applied math. My research profile is the interface between applied math and telecommunication engineering. For further information and full publication list see:

personal webpage




Research interests:

  • Compressed sensing and estimation theory
  • (Generalized) Multicarrier transmission and waveform design
  • Time-Frequency Analysis in Wireless Communications, Gabor theory, Weyl-Heisenberg group



Peter Jung and Gerhard Wunder and Stefan Liggesmeier (2004). On time-variant distortions in multicarrier systems: General analysis and application to OFDM. International Zurich Seminar on Communications, 232–235.

Peter Jung and Gerhard Wunder (2004). Iterative Pulse Shaping for Gabor Signaling in WSSUS channels. Fifth IEEE Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications


Peter Jung and Gerhard Wunder and Holger Boche (2002). Comparison of standard OFDM/BFDM to bandwidth-efficient pulse shape optimized MC schemes. 7th International OFDM-Workshop, 36–40.


Knut Woller and Thorsten Kleinwort and Peter Jung (2001). After the First Five Years: Central Linux Support at DESY. Proceedings of International Conference on Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics, 75-78.

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