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Course Description: Wireless Digital Communications Lab II (34331600 L 005)

Course Objectives

Develop practical transmission experiments performed by the students via a (Matlab) remote control function of the central SDR device. Typically, two students work together as a group on a single workstation (PC). Algorithms are implemented in Matlab. For this purpose, the SDR device works with sample memories. There are no real time requirements on the implemented algorithms. Detailed information and theory review are provided prior, during and after the practical work tasks.

Course Content

1. Linear multi user channel estimation for UTRA TDD:

  • Explanation of multi user signal and system model and approximate solution of the de-convolution problem (inverse problem)
  • Suppression of multi user interference and self-interference (caused by non-perfect sequence correlation properties) by the inverse Gramian matrix
  • Spectral domain version of the multi-user channel estimation with cyclic shifted midamble code sequences (SVD of Toepliz matrices approach)

2. Linear multi user symbol detection in UTRA TDD:
  • Explanation of the signal and system model
  • Explanation of computation with sparse matrices in Matlab

3. OFDM transmission according to IEEE 802.11a/g/p WLAN
  • Introduction to the IEEE standardization document (100 page version from year 1999/2000)
  • Transmission experiment with a pre-calculated transmit signal which contains four WLAN signal frames with di fferent data rates
Mainly intended for Study Programs
  • Elektrotechnik MSc; 1-1
  • Technische Informatik MSc; 1-1
Course Supporting Material:
  1. Kortke, Andreas. Script on Wireless Digital Communication Lab I, parts 1 to 5. TU-Berlin. Online available for course attendees.
  2. Kortke, Andreas. Additional Topics on Wireless Digital Communication Lab I. TU-Berlin. Online available for course attendees.
  3. 3GPP. UTRA-TDD Technical Specications and Recommendations (TS 25.102, 25.105, 25.221, 25.223, 25.224, TR 25.990, 25.943). Online available for course attendees.
  4. Wireless LAN Medium Access, Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications, High-speed Physical Layer in the 5 GHz Band, IEEE Computer Society, 1999

In addition, the following books contain background information and are recommended:

  • Stüber, Gordon L., Principles of Mobile Communication, Third Edition. Springer, 2011.
  • Castoldi, Piero. Multiuser detection in CDMA mobile terminals. Artech House, 2002.

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