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Dr. rer. nat. Peter Jung

I am a Senior Researcher working in communication theory, signal processing, information theory and applied math. My research profile is the interface between applied math and telecommunication engineering. For further information and full publication list see:

Link to personal webpage


Aktuelle Lehre:



  • Compressed sensing and estimation theory
  • (Generalized) Multicarrier transmission and waveform design
  • Time-Frequency Analysis in Wireless Communications, Gabor theory, Weyl-Heisenberg group




Stoeger, D. and Jung, P. and Krahmer, F. (2017). Blind Demixing and Deconvolution with Noisy Data: Near-optimal Rate. 21st International ITG Workshop on Smart Antenna

Vural, M. and Jung, P. and Stanczak, S. (2017). Effect Of Anti-Sparse Prior on PAPR Performance Analysis. IEEE 25th signal processing and communications applications conference


S. Haghighatshoar and P. Jung and G. Caire (2016). Capacity and degree-of-freedom of OFDM channels with amplitude constraint. 2016 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT), 900-904.

Wieruch, Dennis and Jung, Peter and Wirth, Thomas and Dekorsy, Armin and Haustein, Thomas (2016). Cognitive Radios Exploiting Gray Spaces via Compressed Sensing. Frequenz, 289–300.

Vural, M. and Jung, P. and Stanczak, S. (2016). On Some Physical Layer Design Approaches for MTC in Existing and Near-Future Small-Cell Networks. 20th International ITG Workshop on Smart Antennas (WSA16)

Cao, G. and Jung, P. and Stanczak, S. and Yu, F. (2016). Data Aggregation and Recovery in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Compressed Sensing. International Journal of Sensor Networks (IJSNet), 209–219.

Kueng, R. and P., Jung. (2016). Robust Nonnegative Sparse Recovery and 0/1-Bernoulli Measurements. IEEE Inf. Theory Workshop (ITW)

Raceala-Motoc, M. and Schreck, J. and Jung, P. and Stanczak, S. (2016). Robust Message Recovery for Non-Cooperative Compute-and-Forward Relaying. Asilomar 2016

etal Wunder, Kasparick, Jung (2016). New Physical-layer Waveforms for 5G. Toward 5G: Applications, Requirements & Candidate Technologies. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, 303–341.

Stoeger, D. and Jung, P. and Krahmer, F. (2016). Blind deconvolution and Compressed Sensing. Cosera 2016

Goldenbaum, M. and Jung, P. and Raceala-Motoc, M. and Schreck, J. and Stanczak, S. (2016). Harnessing Channel Collisions for Efficient Massive Access in 5G Networks: A Step Forward to Practical Implementation. 9th International Symposium on Turbo Codes & Iterative Information Processing 2016 (ISTC16), invited paper, 5.

Walk, P. and Jung, P. and Pfander, G. E. and Hassibi, B. (2016). Ambiguities of Convolutions with Application to Phase Retrieval Problems. Asilomar 2016, invited paper

Chang, Yunyang and Jung, P. and Zhou, Chan and Stanczak, S. (2016). Block Compressed Sensing based Distributed Resource Allocation for M2M Communications. International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, ICASSP16


Walk, P. and Jung, P. and Pfander, G. E. (2015). On the Stability of Sparse Convolutions. Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis

Augustin, S. and Hieronymus, J. and Peter Jung and Hübers, W. H (2015). Compressed Sensing in a Fully Non-Mechanical 350 GHz Imaging Setting. Journal of Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves

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Dr. rer. nat Peter Jung
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