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Dr. rer. nat. Peter Jung

I am a Senior Researcher working in communication theory, signal processing, information theory and applied math. My research profile is the interface between applied math and telecommunication engineering. For further information and full publication list see:

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Aktuelle Lehre:



  • Compressed sensing and estimation theory
  • (Generalized) Multicarrier transmission and waveform design
  • Time-Frequency Analysis in Wireless Communications, Gabor theory, Weyl-Heisenberg group



Real-Time Experiments on Channel Adaptive Transmission in the Multi-User Up-link at very high Data Rates using MIMO-OFDM
Zitatschlüssel HFGJS06eoca
Autor Thomas Haustein and Andreas Forck and Holger Gäbler and Volker Jungnickel and Stephan Schiffermüller
Buchtitel Proc. 14th Internat. Europ. Signal Processing Conf. (EUSIPCO 2006)
Jahr 2006
Adresse Florence, Italy
Monat sep
Notiz invited
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Dr. rer. nat Peter Jung
Raum HFT-TA 618
Tel.: +49(0)30 31429781
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