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Priv.-Doz. Dr. rer. nat. Volker Jungnickel


    Volker received doctorate and habilitation degrees in physics from Humboldt University Berlin in 1995 and in communications engineering from Technical University Berlin in 2015, respectively. He joined Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute in 1997 where he is currently leading the Metro-, Access-, and In-house Systems group. Volker contributed to high-speed optical wireless communications, the first 1 Gb/s mobile radio link, the first real-time trials of LTE and the first coordinated multipoint trials. His research is focused on both, optical and wireless communications. Volker has been leading and is involved in numerous national and European industry and research projects.


    Current Teaching:


    Contact info:

    Raum HHI 10. Etage Süd
    Tel.: +49 30 31002 768
    Tel.: +49 162 255 2756


    Research interests

    ·       Optical and wireless communications

    ·       Channel modeling and measurements

    ·       MIMO transmission over dispersive channels

    ·       Algorithms for physical layer, multiple access control,

            interference management and handover

    ·       Modelling of impairment effects

    ·       Realtime implementation and trials


    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/volker-jungnickel-b1778b27



    Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=_4eHgHEAAAAJ&hl=en


    Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Volker_Jungnickel



Publications until 2014


Konstantinos Manolakis and Udo Krüger and Kirsten Krüger and Miguel Angel Gutiérrez Estévez and Stefan Mikulla and Volker Jungnickel (2011). Borehole Communication with Acoustic OFDM. 16th International OFDM-Workshop 2011 (InOWo'11)

Konstantinos Manolakis and Stephan Jaeckel and Eva Salvador Márquez and Volker Jungnickel (2011). Impact of Path Loss and Delay Spread on Base Station Cooperation. 5th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP)

Konstantinos Manolakis and Lars Thiele and Christian Oberli and Thomas Haustein and Volker Jungnickel (2011). Impairment Modeling for Joint Transmission CoMP. 2nd International Conference on Wireless Communications, Vehicular Technology, Information Theory and Aerospace & Electronic System Technology (Wireless VITAE)


Lars Thiele and Volker Jungnickel and Thomas Haustein (2010). Interference Management for Future Cellular OFDMA Systems Using Coordinated Multi-Point Transmission. IEICE Transactions on Wireless Distributed Networks

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S. Jaeckel and V. Jungnickel (2010). Estimating MIMO Capacities from Broadband Measurements in a Cellular Network. European Conference on Antennas and Propagation

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Malte Schellmann and Lars Thiele and Thomas Wirth and Volker Jungnickel and Thomas Haustein (2009). Spatial mode switching in multi-user MIMO-OFDM systems: Performance in a real-world scenario. 13th International OFDM-Workshop (InOWo)

Lars Thiele and Thomas Wirth and Thomas Haustein and Volker Jungnickel and Egon Schulz and Wolfgang Zirwas (2009). A Unified Feedback Scheme for Distributed Interference Management in Cellular Systems: Benefits and Challenges for Real-Time Implementation. 17th Euopean Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO2009)

Lars Thiele and Thomas Wirth and Malte Schellmann and Yosia Hadisusanto and Volker Jungnickel (2009). MU-MIMO with Localized Downlink Base Station Cooperation and Downtilted Antennas. IEEE International Workshop on LTE Evolution



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