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Publikationen 2007


Eduard Jorswieck and Holger Boche (2007). Majorization and Matrix-Monotone Functions in Wireless Communications. Foundations and Trends in Communications and Information Theory.


Journal Paper

Holger Boche and Marcin Wiczanowski (2007). Optimization-Theoretic Analysis of Stability-Optimal Transmission Policy for Multiple Antenna Multiple Access Channel. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 2688–2702.

Holger Boche and Marcin Wiczanowski and Slawomir Stanczak (2007). Unifying View on Min-Max Fairness, Max-Min Fairness, and Utility Optimization in Cellular Networks. EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, ID 34869.

Holger Boche and Volker Pohl (2007). Behaviour of the Spectral Factorization for Continuous Spectral Densities. Signal Processing, 1078–1088.

Holger Boche and Volker Pohl (2007). Signal Representation and Approximation - Fundamental Limits. European Trans. Telecommun. (ETT), 445–456.

Holger Boche and Volker Pohl (2007). On the Behavior of Causal Projections with Applications. Signal Processing, 3108–3130.

Holger Boche and Volker Pohl (2007). Spectral Factorization for Polynomial Spectral Densities - Impact of Dimension. IEEE Trans. Inform. Theory

Holger Boche and Slawomir Stanczak (2007). Strict Convexity of the Log-SIR region. IEEE Trans. on Communications

Peter Jung and Gerhard Wunder (2007). The WSSUS Pulse Design Problem in Multicarrier Transmission. IEEE Transaction on Communications, 1918–1928.

S.Stanczak and M.Wiczanowski and H.Boche (2007). Distributed Utility-Based Power Control: Objectives and Algorithms. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 5058–5068.

S. Stanczak and H. Boche (2007). On the convexity of feasible QoS regions. IEEE Trans. on Inform. Theory

G. Wunder and T. Michel (2007). Optimal Resource Allocation for parallel Broadcast Channels: Minimum rate constraints and sum power minimization. IEEE Trans. on Information Theory, 4817-4822.

Conference, Symposium and Workshop Papers

Optimization of Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks
Citation key FWS07ooec
Author Angela Feistel and Marcin Wiczanowski and Slawomir Stanczak
Title of Book Proc. ITG/IEEE International Workshop on Smart Antennas (WSA), 2007
Year 2007
Address Wien, Austria
Month feb
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