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Publikationen 2011



F. Penna and C. Pastrone and H. Khaleel and M. A. Spirito and R. Garello (2011). Characterization of Wi-Fi interference for dynamic channel allocation in WPANs. Cambridge University Press.

Journal Paper

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Conference, Symposium and Workshop Papers

On the Effect of Feedback Delay in the Downlink of Multiuser OFDM Systems
Zitatschlüssel GAVS11oteo
Autor Mario Goldenbaum and Rudi Abi Akl and Stefan Valentin and Slawomir Stanczak
Buchtitel Proc. 45th Annual Conference on Information Sciences and Systems (CISS '11)
Seiten 1–6
Jahr 2011
Adresse Baltimore, MD, USA
Monat mar
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