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Publikationen 2012



Journal Paper

Jian Luo and A. Kortke and W. Keusgen and M. Valkama (2013). A Novel Adaptive Calibration Scheme for Frequency-Selective I/Q Imbalance in Broadband Direct- Conversion Transmitters. Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs, IEEE Transactions on, 61–65.

H. Khaleel and F. Penna and C. Pastrone and R. Tomasi and M. Spirito (2012). Frequency Agile Wireless Sensor Networks: Design and Implementation. IEEE Sensors Journal, 1599–1608.

I. Koutsopoulos and S. Stanczak (2012). The Impact of Transmit Rate Control on Energy-efficient Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks. IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 3261–3271.

Jian Luo and Andreas Kortke and Wilhelm Keusgen (2012). An Efficient Frame Aggregation and Block-ACK Scheme for 60 GHz Short-Range Point-to-Point Transmission. Wireless Personal Communications

Jian Luo and Johannes Lindblom and Jianhui Li and Rami Mochaoura and Andreas Kortke and Eleftherios Karipidis and Martin Haardt and Eduard Jorswieck and Erik G. Larsson (2012). Transmit beamforming for inter-operator spectrum sharing: From theory to practice. Wireless Communication Systems (ISWCS), 2012 International Symposium on, 291–295.

F. Penna and R. Garello (2012). Decentralized Neyman-Pearson Test with Belief Propagation for Peer-to-Peer Collaborative Spectrum Sensing. IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 1881–1891.

F. Penna and Y. Sun and L. Dolecek and D. Cabric (2012). Detecting and Counteracting Statistical Attacks in Cooperative Spectrum Sensing. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 1806-1822.

Gerhard Wunder and Jan Schreck and Peter Jung (2012). Nearly Doubling the Throughput of Multiuser MIMO Systems Using Codebook Tailored Limited Feedback Protocol. Wireless Communications, IEEE Transactions on, 3921–3931.

H. Wymeersch and F. Penna and V. Savic (2012). Uniformly Reweighted Belief Propagation for Estimation and Detection in Wireless Networks. IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 1587-1595.

Conference, Symposium and Workshop Papers

R. Abi Akl and S. Valentin and G. Wunder and S. Stanczak (2012). Compensating for CQI Aging by Channel Prediction: The LTE Downlink. Proc. IEEE Global Telecommunication Conference (GLOBECOM)

Majid Butt and Benjamin Schubert and Martin Kurras and Kai Börner and Thomas Haustein and Lars Thiele (2012). On the Energy-Bandwidth Trade-off in Green Wireless Networks: System Level Results. 2012 1st IEEE International Conference on Communications in China Workshops (ICCC), 91–95.

J. Bühler and S. Stanczak (2012). Energy-Efficient Decode and Forward Relaying in Diamond Networks. Proc. 50th Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control and Computing

J. Bühler and G. Wunder (2012). The Multiple Access Channel Interfering with a Point to Point Link: Linear Deterministic Sum Capacity. IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC)

Renato L. G. Cavalcante and Slawomir Stanczak (2012). Robust Set-Theoretic Distributed Detection in Diffusion Networks. IEEE Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2012)

R. Felbecker and L. Raschkowski and W. Keusgen and M. Peter (2012). Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in the Millimeter Wave Band Using the NVIDIA OptiX GPU Ray Tracing Engine. 6th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation, 2009. (EuCAP 2009)., 1–5.

Anastasios Giovanidis and Qi Liao and Sławomir Stanczak (2012). A Distributed Interference-aware Load balancing Algorithm for LTE Multi-Cell Networks. Proc. 16th International ITG Workshop on Smart Antennas (WSA '12)

M. Goldenbaum and H. Boche and S. Stanczak (2012). On Analog Computation of Vector-Valued Functions in Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks. Proc. 46th Annual Conference on Information Sciences and Systems (CISS '12), 1–6.

M. Goldenbaum and H. Boche and S. Stanczak (2012). Nomographic Gossiping for f-Consensus. Proc. 10th International Symposium on Modeling and Optimization in Mobile, Ad Hoc, and Wireless Networks (WiOpt '12), 130–137.

M. Goldenbaum and S. Stanczak (2012). On Multiantenna Sensor Networks With Interference: Energy Consumption vs. Robustness. Proc. 16th International ITG Workshop on Smart Antennas (WSA '12), 125–132.

M. Goldenbaum and H. Boche and S. Stanczak (2012). Analog Computation via Wireless Multiple-Access Channels: Universality and Robustness. Proc. IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP '12), 2921–2924.

K. Jaksch and M. A. Gutierrez Estevez and K. A. Krüger and U. Krüger and K. Manolakis and R. Giese and M. Groh and V. Jungnickel and A. Jurczyk and K. Krüger and S. Mikulla and S. Weisheit and M. Reich and M. Sohmer (2012). Projekt SPWD-BUSData: Übertragung seismischer Daten mittels akustischer Wellen entlang des Bohrstranges. Der Geothermie Kongress

Volker Jungnickel and Stephan Jaeckel and Kai Börner and Michael Schlosser and Lars Thiele (2012). Estimating the Mobile Backhaul Traffic in Distributed Coordinated Multi-point Systems. Workshop on Hybrid Optical Wireless Access Networks Program, Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC)

Volker Jungnickel and Holger Gäbler and Udo Krüger and Konstantinos Manolakis and Thomas Haustein (2012). LTE Trials in the Return Channel Over Satellite. 6th Advanced Satellite Multimedia Systems Conference

Michal Kaliszan and Emmanuel Pollakis and Slawomir Stanczak (2012). Multigroup Multicast with Application-Layer Coding: Beamforming for Maximum Weighted Sum Rate. 2012 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC)

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