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I. Bjelakovic and Ra. Siegmund-Schultze (2003). A New Proof of the Monotonicity of Quantum Relative Entropy for Finite Dimensional Systems [4].

I. Bjelakovic and T. Krueger and Ra. Siegmund-Schultze and A. Szkola (2003). Chained typical subspaces-A quantum version of Breiman's theorem [5].


Peter Jung (2004). OQAM/IOTA Downlink Air Interface for 3G/4G [6].

Slawomir Stanczak and Youye Chen (2004). Distributed media access for wireless sensor networks with queue length constraints [7].


Thomas Haustein and Stefan Schiffermueller (2005). Efficient MMSE Filter Interpolation for MIMO-OFDM Systems - A Complexity Analysis [8].

O. Henkel and T. Michel and G. Wunder (2005). Moderate complexity approximation to MMSE for MIMO-OFDM systems [9].

Holger Boche and Martin Schubert (2005). The Boundary Structure of the Unconstrained Multiuser QoS Region [10].

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