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Testbeds and Prototypes

In addition to the theoretical foundations of communication systems, the CommIT chair investigates also their implementation and application. This research has resulted in a number of test systems. An overview of a part of the systems shall be given here. If you have any questions, please contact Prof. Caire.



Hybrid Digital-Analog Beamforming Testbed


The CommIT hybrid digital-analog (HDA) beamforming testbed is a unique and self developed test system for the hybrid digital-analog approach to massive MIMO. It was developed at the chair within the frame of the A.v.H. Professorship. The testbed can be used to investigate and demonstrate massive MU-MIMO precoding or other beamforming techniques. It features a scalable architecture to support different hybrid architectures and many antennas (up to 64 have been demonstrated, but also more could be connected). It is not constrained to a certain mobile communication protocol or standard and has been demonstrated with e.g. WiFi.

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ExsV: a versatile 4 channel SDR platform

ExsV SDR Platform

The high performance software desigined radio platform designated as ExsV is a versatile system for wireless communication experiments, proof of concept projects, and rapid prototyping. The system has been developed within our research group at TU-Berlin and it consists of compact devices which are equipped with adaptive multi-channel radio frontends, a complex digital system component and standard compatible external data interfaces. The capabilities of the wireless part are not confined to standardized procedures with respect to physical layer (PHY) and medium access control layer (MAC) processing. This makes the system very flexible and suitable for experimental work on new wireless transmission concepts.

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