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PD Dr.-Ing. habil. Gerhard Wunder

  • I have MOVED to the FREIE UNIVERSITÄT BERLIN where I’m heading the first ever Heisenberg Communications and Information Theory Group



  • Office: Takustr. 9, Room 109
  • Tel. +49 30 838 75169
  • work mobile +49 151 61530882
  • Secretary office: +49 30 838 75212
  • Email:     





G. Wunder and T. Michel (2006). Minimum Rates Scheduling for MIMO-OFDM Broadcast Channels. Proc. 9th IEEE Intern. Symp. on Spread Spectrum Techniques and Applications (ISSSTA 2006)

Gerhard Wunder and Chan Zhou (2006). Non-cooperative Scheduling for 3GPP LTE OFDM Downlink in Multi-cell Environment. 11th International OFDM Workshop

G. Wunder and T. Michel (2006). Approaching the delay-limited OFDM broadcast capacity with OFDMA. Proc. 7th IEEE Workshop on Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications (SPAWC '06)

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G. Wunder and T. Michel (2006). Delay-limited OFDM broadcast capacity region and impact of system parameters. Proc. IEEE Information Theory Workshop (ITW'06)

Slawomir Stanczak and Gerhard Wunder and Holger Boche (2006). On Pilot-based Multipath Channel Estimation for Uplink CDMA Systems: An Overloaded Case. IEEE Trans. on Signal Processing, 512–519.

T. Michel and G. Wunder (2006). Sum Rate Iterative Water-Filling for Gaussian MIMO Broadcast Channels. Proc. 9th Intern. Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Commun. (WPMC)

G. Wunder and C. Zhou and T. Michel (2006). Minimum Delay and Buffer Length Bounds for Stable OFDM Broadcast Systems. IEEE Int. Symposium on Information Theory and its Applications (ISITA)


Peter Jung and Gerhard Wunder (2005). On Time-Variant Distortions in Multicarrier Transmission with Application to Frequency Offsets and Phase Noise. IEEE Transactions on Communications, 1561-1570.

T. Michel and G. Wunder (2005). Solution to the Sum Power Minimization Problem under Given Rate Requirements for the OFDM Multiple Access Channel. Proc. of Allerton Conference on Communication, Control and Computing

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T. Michel and G. Wunder (2005). Optimal And Low Complexity Suboptimal Transmission Schemes For MIMO-OFDM Broadcast Channels. Proc. IEEE Intern. Conf. on Communications (ICC '05)

Oliver Henkel and Gerhard Wunder (2005). Space frequency codes from sphere packings. Proceedings International ITG/IEEE Workshop on Smart Antennas 2005 (WSA 2005)

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