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Dr.-Ing. Andreas Benzin


Andreas Benzin is with the Communications and Information Theory Group of Professor Caire at the Technische Universität Berlin since April 2015. He finished his Computer Engineering studies at TU Berlin in the same year. His main interests are in all fields related to analog and digital signal processing, communications, radio frequency and embedded systems design in theory and practice. In particular he specialized in wireless systems design ranging from systems and digital baseband signal processing theory to RF, analog and digital systems implementation. He developed a complete prototype for a IEEE 802.11p vehicular communications system and performed research on WiFi digital baseband receiver design for fast varying channels. At TU Berlin he is part of a team developing an innovative massive MIMO software defined radio. He investigates system aspects, signal processing and hardware problems arising in integrated massive MIMO communication systems. In 2020 he finished his Ph.D with the thesis title "Design and Implementation of centralized signal processing low latency massive MIMO SDR systems". The Ph.D thesis can be downloaded here.


Truncated Polynomial Expansion Downlink Precoders and Uplink Detectors for Massive MIMO
Zitatschlüssel 2017arXiv171104141B
Autor Benzin, A. and Caire, G. and Shadmi, Y. and Tulino, A.
Jahr 2017
Journal ArXiv e-prints
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Dr.-Ing. Andreas Benzin
Raum HFT-TA 603
Einsteinufer 25
10587 Berlin
+49(0)30 314-21352
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